Renting 2 bedrooms makes a lot of sense when you’re starting again. Have you seen this new This Hour Has 22 Minutes sketch? So funny. But seriously, eating alone…living alone…can actually be a positive choice.

Waking up each day on your own schedule. Knowing that the cake you put in the fridge last night will still be there when you get home from work. Watching what you want, when you want. It isn’t often that we can find room to be who we truly are. Taking the time to see who you are when no one else is around is a huge opportunity if you treat it like one.

Being alone may not be where you ultimately want to end up. So what do you do to get the space you need for some alone time for now? Rent, that’s what!

Who cares why you’re alone. Make the most of this time!

Travel. Work your butt off (if that’s your thing) without anyone telling you to get home. Be lazy. Try new things. Touch all of your belongings to see if they make you happy (okay, maybe don’t do that – that’s just crazy). Be yourself – unapologetically. Recognize that this time is for you – no one else. This time is about stretching…becoming more you. And you might need more space to do that than you think.

So don’t start your single journey by thinking small. Renting a 2 bedroom instead of a 1 bedroom or a bachelor will make you feel like you’re not settling. It will allow you the space you need to make room for a new hobby (yoga room? movie shrine?) or friends from out of town. More space isn’t a luxury when you’re making space for yourself again.

Renting 2 bedrooms or even a 2 bedroom with den will give you space and freedom

As you figure out who you are and what you want from life, why tie yourself down? Long mortgages and household maintenance aren’t going to help you on your journey. They may even make you feel trapped. Renting will give you the freedom you need to discover who you want to be, where you want to go and experience all that life has to offer (without worrying about who is going to shovel your driveway while you’re away).

Right now, The Arch in Calgary has different 2 bedroom layouts to choose from. Each one comes with great views, spacious balconies, underground parking, cable and internet. The tower also has a gym (just in case you realize that you actually enjoy working out) and a sun deck (for those times you want to be social).

Embrace your single life. Make the most of your time alone. And give yourself the space you need.

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