Rent to reduce your stress during big life changes like divorce. What happens between separation and divorce? You’ve got at least 1 year of stressful, emotional and confusing changes. Add kids to the mix and all those feelings are amplified. You need to figure out finances, living arrangements, parenting schedules. Not exactly a great time to add the stress of buying a house into the mix. That’s why renting is a great option.

Renting an apartment for a year or two allows you to get out of your married space. And sometimes, the sooner this physical separation can happen, the better it is for everyone – even kids. Renting leaves the door open for other changes that arise as the separation year progresses.

A 2 bedroom plus den apartment can give you the space you need for when the kids are with you without the upkeep of a full house when they’re not.

Nothing is going to be perfect during this transition. But, you can make it comfortable. Transitioning from a suburban home to a downtown apartment at The Arch may seem like a big leap but because it’s so different from what you and your kids are used to, it may also be an exciting and therefore positive change. (Kids love elevators – am I right?!?!)

When your kids are with you, you’ve got the space they need. And you’ve got new experiences to offer them. Great neighbourhood parks, lots of cool places to walk or bike to (The Arch is right on the bike lanes so it’ll be safe!), and awesome restaurants to explore.

When they’re not with you, you’re situated in a thriving neighbourhood. You’re in a newly built building with an on-site gym (stress relief anyone?!?). And you’ve got a balcony for barbecuing. You need to travel, no problem. You don’t have to worry about leaving a house unoccupied. No shovelling. No unexpected maintenance costs. And right now, you’ll even get your internet and cable included in your rent. So less monthly costs as well.

Divorce doesn’t have to be all bad.

You can choose to make a fresh start as a single parent in a way that will allow you the freedom to figure out where and who you ultimately want to be after the dust settles. You can choose to rent an apartment at The Arch. And see what life in Calgary’s Beltline has in store for you.

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