Just because you choose to live in a stylish downtown apartment doesn’t mean you don’t still want a garden and an outdoor oasis to enjoy during the hot days and the long summer evenings. That’s what spacious balconies were made for!

Balcony-scaping. It’s a thing!

That’s right. With more and more people choosing to live close to work and city amenities in apartments and condos, more and more people are finding ways to make the most of their balconies. Especially in Calgary – where the seasons are known to change at a moment’s notice.

Looking for inspiration for what to do with your balcony?

Here’s a great link from Pinterest on decorating ideas for urban balconies. You’ll find ideas on everything from how to create compact folding tables that add functionality without taking up space. To ideas on choosing outdoor rugs that add style to your balcony and extend the vibe of your apartment to the outdoors. To amazing ideas on adding shelves or benches or hammocks to make your balcony space your own.

If zen is more your style, check out some of the balcony spaces created by this Thai gardening centre. The most interesting idea I saw was creating a private outdoor yoga area. I just love the use of long grasses to add privacy and shade.

Container gardens transform your apartment balcony

Container gardens are a great way to make your urban balcony feel more like an outdoor oasis. Whether you’re interested in adding colour with annuals or you’re ready to take on growing your own vegetables, you’ll love the feeling of stepping out into your very own garden in the city.

5 things to consider when starting a balcony container garden:

  1. Will you be around to water your garden regularly?
  2. How much sun/shade does your balcony get?
  3. What direction does your balcony face? (South facing balcony plants will need to be watered more regularly)
  4. What is your budget?
  5. Do you have containers that you can adapt to meet your needs (think cans, buckets, pails) or will you need to buy containers?

If you’re Calgary apartment doesn’t have a balcony, now might be a good time to upgrade your apartment and upgrade your life by renting a newly built apartment at The Arch.

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