You’ve decided you want to rent an apartment with a friend. You already know you get along well. You’ve downloaded your roommate agreement and have a plan for how all the details are going to work. Now you’re running all around Calgary looking at apartments (probably based on price point alone) and are totally overwhelmed and confused.

So stop. Pick a neighbourhood you both love. And then narrow your search to find something you both like there. Why?

Because living with someone – even with a perfect roommate – will lead to interpersonal stress and conflict at times. When you’re situated in a great neighbourhood, you’ve got lots of options on where to go and what you can do when you need a break.

So what makes some neighbourhoods more appealing than others? Sure some people will say proximity to work. But really, it’s what’s close to home that matters.

Look for a neighbourhood with groceries close by. A neighbourhood with easy access to places you like to go. Great restaurants and coffee options are high up there. Add some green space and a bit of shopping. And you’ve got a winner.

Rent in Calgary’s Beltline – Voted 2015’s Best Neighbourhood by Avenue Magazine

Still unsure of where to look? Ask around. See where your friends live. Then check those recommendations against something like Avenue Calgary’s article on the Best Neighbourhoods of 2015.

According to that article, Calgary’s Beltline is the best neighbourhood for 2015. Lucky for you, there are great 2 bedroom and 2 bedroom plus den apartments perfect for roommates available to rent for the first of December at The Arch. This newly built apartment tower on the NW corner of 12th Avenue and 9 Street SW is conveniently located near groceries, restaurants, pubs, and transit.

Rent a spacious 2 bedroom apartment in this hot Calgary neighbourhood to ensure you and your roommate are close to everything you need – including great places to take a break from each other. Every apartment at The Arch comes with a balcony, laundry and air conditioning and right now, you’ll also get cable and internet for free.

What are you waiting for? Apply now.

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