Stampede season is here, whether you’re hitting up the grounds this year or sitting it out we’ve got five food trucks to keep those taste buds happy for you foodie fans.

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1. The Family Fry Guy

Stampede is the time of year where likely some of your “out of town friends” come into town for a visit. 
For those friends from outside of Canada, we’d recommend taking them to The Family Fry Guy for a classic Canadian Poutine! First, who doesn’t love some crazy delicious poutine and second, if you think about it, it’s kind of like a gourmet veggie dish and some fine gravy.

2. Waffles & Chix

Gaining more popularity in our vibrant city of Calgary is soul food. Top of our list we’re recommending Waffles & Chix. These guys keep it original with their crispy southern fried chicken recipe and add in some authentic Belgian Waffles – seriously, whose mouth isn’t watering?

3. The Happy Fish Catering

The Happy Fish Catering offers fresh gourmet Asian and American inspired food with a variety of options for gluten free, dairy free and vegan in mind. Of course, they’ve got their signature beer-battered fish and chips, tempura prawns, and bulgogi beef. This year at the Stampede ground they’re bringing something new to the table, the Giant Squid on a Stick. It is soaked in a seasoning bath, breaded in a mixture of flour and spices and deep fried for crunchiness. With a choice of salt and pepper or curry pepper seasoning. We’re told it’s similar to the size of a baseball mitt. Are you brave enough to attempt the giant squid?

4. Perogy Boyz

Calgary, a cosmopolitan city where you’ll find a remarkable mix of ethnic food and restaurants. We embrace the variety of cultures and more importantly their unique foods! Which means next on our list is some Eastern European street food, if you guessed perogies, you are correct. Perogy Boyz has brought perogies to the people. They’re all around the city and their last big success event was during Lilac Festival.

5. Avatara Pizza

Last but not least, something special for our vegan and vegetarian friends. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. How about some fire roasted, dairy-free and vegan pizza?! That’s right, we found some dairy free, vegan pizza for you to enjoy! Whoever said going vegan meant giving up pizza certainly did not know about Avatara Pizza. Visit them in store, just off of Parkdale Blvd on 34 Street NW or follow their food truck adventures.

We know it can get expensive inside the Stampede grounds and we’re here to bring you some fabulous food experiences without having to “Stampede it up”!

And for those die-hard Stampede fans, here’s an interesting list of the different stampede foods for 2018. They include some fine tasters such as “Cricket Grilled Cheese, Prairie Oyster Balls, and Smoking Charcoal Ice Cream in a Cup to just name a few.

To ease your search for where and when to find these wonderful food trucks, check out the tool Street Food App. It tells you which food trucks are open on which days and where they are It’s like a “find me” but for food trucks!

So whether you’re hitting up the grounds this summer or staying within our downtown perimeter, we’ve got your foodie needs covered! Best of all, the food trucks are spread across the inner core and all within a 10-minute bike ride or walking distance from The ARCH.

Happy Stampeding!

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