Summer in Calgary is full of awesomeness. Eating ice cream. Floating down the rivers. Riding bikes. Going to outdoor festivals. But most of all…what I look forward to is fireworks!

I remember running around my neighbourhood waving my very own magical sparkler through the air as a little girl. Hearing The screeching loud whistles, bangs and explosions. Being so terrified and entranced. And every summer I get to relive that.

As I get older (and wiser?!?!), I can’t say I love the crowds or the fight to find the best spot to watch. So what do I do?

a great balcony at the arch apartments

Host my own fireworks viewing party on my balcony.

That’s right. It means I can sit with friends (and possibly some bubbly) in my own comfortable and stylish balcony chairs. Eat delicious food. And, if I have to use the washroom, not have to squat by the side of the road or use a port-o-potty – YUCK.

And most importantly, I still get to feel the awe and excitement as the night sky lights up. I may not be running around my neighbourhood waving my very own sparkler around. But I’m still loving every second.

If you love fireworks too, here’s links to my favourites in Calgary

And if you’re interested in throwing your own sweet downtown balcony fireworks watching party, The Arch has 2 bedroom apartments with balconies available for July 1st (CANADA DAY FIREWORKS VIEWING PARTY AT YOUR PLACE!).

Live Work Play At The Arch

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