Five simple tips to help you stay cool. Summer is upon us! While the weather has been fluctuating back and forth like a teeter-totter, at some point, it’s going to get really hot. So how are you going to keep your cool? Let’s get started.

guy and dog eating icecream

1. Choose cool foods

Eating frozen treats, like ice cream, ice pops, or even just sucking on ice can help you feel way cooler. Feeling adventurous? Try making your own frozen treats! Here’s a bunch of recipes for inspiration.

But making sure not to create heat in your apartment will go a long way to keeping the temperature down. For that reason, skip turning on the oven or stove whenever possible and serve fresh salads instead. Or choose those extra hot days to order takeout.

2. Get rid of the heat

The trick to staying cool inside is to get rid of as much heat as you can from your apartment. If you point a fan out at the window during the day, it helps to suck the heat out of your apartment. At nighttime, when the outside air is a bit cooler, you can turn it back around so it pulls in cooler air.

3. Take a cold shower

On a really sticky, humid day, jump in the shower. Cool showers are great for your skin, and they help regulate your body temperature. Don’t have time for a full body shower? You can also dip your tootsies into a cold foot bath and your whole body will feel cooler.

4. Get real, it might be time to find an apartment with AC

Really, on those sticky hot summer days, there’s nothing better than coming home to the instant cool you feel walking into an air-conditioned apartment.

If you move to the Arch…you’ll get air conditioning AND double-glazed aluminium windows – the same grade as high-end office towers, which means less heat gets in on those scorching days. Plus, you’ll have a spacious balcony. Located in Calgary’s walkable and exciting Beltline district, you’ll instantly be a part of a cool community.

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