Tips to Save Money for Your 1st Home

Saving money for your first home may seem like a daunting prospect. After all, we’re talking about needing a down payment that can range from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

Are you making the most of what’s left of summer in Calgary?

If you want to see exactly how much time you have left in this glorious season, check out this countdown clock. Now we’re a glass half-full kind of crew, so we see this countdown clock as an important reminder to get outside and do more before the season is over. If you’re like most of … Read More

Who doesn’t love to see the Calgary Stampede fireworks?

Summer in Calgary is full of awesomeness. Eating ice cream. Floating down the rivers. Riding bikes. Going to outdoor festivals. But most of all…what I look forward to is fireworks! I remember running around my neighbourhood waving my very own magical sparkler through the air as a little girl. Hearing The screeching loud whistles, bangs … Read More

Make the most of your apartment balcony, plant a garden.

Just because you choose to live in a stylish downtown apartment doesn’t mean you don’t still want a garden and an outdoor oasis to enjoy during the hot days and the long summer evenings. That’s what spacious balconies were made for! Balcony-scaping. It’s a thing! That’s right. With more and more people choosing to live … Read More

When your nest feels empty, rent a smaller nest.

Kids grown up? Are they off raising families of their own? Are you still rattling around in a multi-thousand square foot home when you really only use the kitchen and bedroom? What effect is all that empty space having on you mentally? Empty nest syndrome isn’t a clinical diagnosis but it is a very real … Read More

How to pick a great neighbourhood to rent in

You’ve decided you want to rent an apartment with a friend. You already know you get along well. You’ve downloaded your roommate agreement and have a plan for how all the details are going to work. Now you’re running all around Calgary looking at apartments (probably based on price point alone) and are totally overwhelmed … Read More

Renting 2 bedrooms makes a lot of sense

Renting 2 bedrooms makes a lot of sense when you’re starting again. Have you seen this new This Hour Has 22 Minutes sketch? So funny. But seriously, eating alone…living alone…can actually be a positive choice. Waking up each day on your own schedule. Knowing that the cake you put in the fridge last night will … Read More

Rent to reduce stress during separation and divorce

Rent to reduce your stress during big life changes like divorce. What happens between separation and divorce? You’ve got at least 1 year of stressful, emotional and confusing changes. Add kids to the mix and all those feelings are amplified. You need to figure out finances, living arrangements, parenting schedules. Not exactly a great time … Read More