Fun Fall Festivals Around Calgary

Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere will begin on Saturday, September 22, 2018. The spectacular fall colours are already showing evidence on the trees around the city. The daylight becomes noticeably shorter and the temperature cools down. Whether we like it or not fall is here. Read More

Cool tips for chilling out this summer

Five simple tips to help you stay cool. Summer is upon us! While the weather has been fluctuating back and forth like a teeter-totter, at some point, it’s going to get really hot. So how are you going to keep your cool? Let’s get started. Read More

Five of Our Favourite Cafes in Calgary’s Beltline

Calgary’s coffee culture is hot! New cafes are springing up everywhere and more than just chain shops, you can find some of the finest artisan speciality cafes anywhere. And Calgary’s Beltline offers some of the best (in alphabetical order). Read More

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Modern Apartment

No matter how big or fancy your apartment is, it can definitely benefit from a little spring cleaning. Cleaning is, of course, a necessary evil. But the practice of “spring cleaning” seems to have originated in more ancient times. Read More