We live in a world where distraction is the norm and being productive can sometimes be a real challenge.


The latest trends we are seeing across our digital, always-on lives, are binge-viewing Netflix and playing tunes. Doing so helps our minds disconnect and rejuvenate. In a group, music has the power to lift our mood and strengthen social bonds. But what about playing music in non-social environments?

Did you know that different types of music affect our ability to be productive in different ways?

1. The Wonders of White Noise, Especially in Apartments

You’ve heard it. We all have. Our neighbour host a party, raise their voices, or maybe our roommates get a little too rambunctious in the bedroom. It doesn’t seem possible the walls are that thin. Guess what, they aren’t. Noise travels through almost everything and it feels like it gets louder the more we hear it. Most of the time, it is because there’s nothing else going on. Put singer/songwriter, nature sounds, or classical music on and those other noises could disappear.

2. Motivational Music for Around the House

Whether we live in a small or big home there is no escaping the responsibility of chores. The weekly vacuuming, mopping, dusting or disinfecting can sometimes be a real burden. Turn on your favourite uplifting music to distract your mind from the hum of the vacuum. You’ll be done before you know it.

3. Energetic Tunes to Motivate Your Workout

You might be that person that hits the gym five times a week. Many others work to stay in shape by working out at home. Incorporate music into your routine… top hit songs can boost your motivation and keep you in the zone. Plus, if you make it a habit, turning on music can help you switch your brain into workout mode.

4. Chill Melodies to Help You Relax

Sitting down with your feet up just might not cut it. Consider playing music made of nature sounds. Gentle, soothing sounds of rain, waterfall, or even ocean waves can turn down the stress quickly. Check out tunes such as Marconi Union, Weightless. Use relaxing tunes to wind down before bed. They can help clear the mind and set the mood for deeper relaxation.

5. Cope with Stress and Anxiety

We all handle the stuff life throws at us differently. Stress is natural, so not always a bad sign. Releasing stress through the power of music can have a tremendous effect on slowing the pulse and heart rate, lowering the blood pressure, and decreasing the levels of stress hormones in your body. Negative energy can be replaced with feel-good vibes thanks to steady beats, haunting lyrics, and a catchy chorus.

6. Hop up your Happy Metre

Many people believe that the happier we are the longer we will live. When we listen to music that we can connect to physically or emotionally, our brain releases dopamine, an organic chemical that helps regulate movement, attention, learning, and the emotional responses of our body. It enables us to enjoy the feeling of pleasure. Like they say, ‘when we’re happy we feel we can do anything.’

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