Thinking about upgrading to a newer, roomier apartment in Calgary? These apartment hunting tips should help you along the way.


1. Move in the Fall

There is no doubt that summer is the busiest time of the year for moving. The days are much longer and the weather is much more pleasant. So why choose to move in the fall? Well, most people sign a 12-month lease in the summer which means that leases are also up around this time of year. More apartments are back in the market. Plus, rental trucks are in less demand so making a reservation is easier as well.

2. Location, Location, Location

First, ask yourself how important the location is for you. Do you need to be in close proximity to work? Be around your friends or family? What amenities do feel are most important to you, to be nearby? Is public transit within walking distance, or is there a designated parking stall to park your car? Where you live can have a positive impact on your health and happiness, big time.

3. Set a Firm Budget

Rent should not exceed 25% of your income. Staying within your budget means more budget for funner things than rent.

4. Ensure Your Furniture Will Fit

Replacing furniture can be costly when you find out that your couch or bed doesn’t fit the room. Measure your furniture before viewing the apartment and bring along a tape to double check the fit; think about the space around them as well.

5. Explore the Neighbourhood

There’s nothing better than coming home and knowing that you’ve made the right decision about your neighbourhood. By touring it beforehand you’ll have a better sense of the community vibe, what it has to offer, where the best pubs or restaurants are, and how safe you feel there.

6. Ask For References

Make a list of a few people you can ask for a reference. These people can be a best friend, a co-worker, or even a family member who can vouch that you are a quality tenant.

Calgary’s rental market has a lot to offer. Newly built towers like the ARCH have spacious sundecks, fitness rooms, and safety features to give you peace of mind. Put the ARCH on your apartment hunting list. We’re sure you’ll find that right apartment that fit your life and reflect your style.

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